Withdrawal help

Withdrawal help:

Withdrawal notes:

  1. Withdrawals must be 18 years or older.
  2. The amount of free withdrawals must be over HKD 100.
  3. The customer must have used 100% of the deposit amount before betting to withdraw money.
  4. The bank account of the withdrawal and the name of the registered account of WG must match for the withdrawal to be approved
  5. WG reserves the right to require customers to provide identify verification files.

Withdrawals may be delayed in these cases:

  1. The requested verification file was not received.
  2. Submitting wrong account data.
  3. A withdrawal request submitted on the weekend.
  4. The payment agent system is maintained and upgraded.

Withdrawals note:

  1. Bank transfer is very easy and convenient, just fill in your withdrawal amount and submit it for processing.
  2. Please ensure that all bank data provided is accurate.
  3. Any errors will result in delayed withdrawals or inability to complete the transfer.

Please take care to avoid the following errors:

  1. Your bank account (bank card) does not match our account registration name
  2. The withdrawal passwords do not match
  3. Submit an invalid or incorrect bank account (bank card) number.
  4. Submit an invalid or incorrect bank account area.
  5. Submit invalid or wrong place name.
  6. Enter the incorrect amount.
  7. Your main account limit is lower than the withdrawal limit (please check that the limit may be left in the game wallet. If so, please use the transfer function to transfer the amount back to the main account for withdrawal. If you are unsure about the operation we have provided game wallet transfer instruction, or contact customer service staff).
  8. Your computer system has block pop-ups enabled (if available, close them).